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Like many people, I hated the idea of ‘fad’ diets and short term fixes for weight control. I wanted to understand the effect food was having on my body and how fat is created and, equally, burned, and with Nutri Guru you get exactly that and more! You receive full, detailed, and most importantly, interesting facts and information about food and your body; which quite honestly ‘blew my mind!’ My perspective on the food I choose to eat has changed significantly and as an added bonus, I have lost nearly a stone of unwanted body fat, and more importantly feel stronger and healthier – it certainly will change your life for the better!

Will Crew Father of three

My whole life of eating changed completely! Gone was the snacking every 2 hours and the uncontrollable hunger and in was the new found passion for ‘healthy’ eating. The information given is absolutely life altering and the recipes are amazing. I have lost a stone and have never felt better!

Becca Skitt Treatments at Home

I have been a slave to every fad diet under the sun and none were sustainable. I was fed up of yoyo dieting and in desperate need of re educating.

James’ vast nutritional knowledge helped me bury any previous “dieting” myths I’d been lead to believe. For me, seeing the science behind how what we eat impacts on our bodies was a massive eye opener.

4 months on, I’ve maintained a healthy weight, enjoy planning, cooking and eating every meal. I’m no longer sluggish or bloated either, not to mention the fact that I LOVE being able to wear fabulous size 10 clothes for the first time in 14 years! Thanks Nutri Guru!

Gemma Mullett Busy mother of 2